Flight1 and Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS2020)

Now that the new Microsoft Flight Simualtor (FS2020) has been officially released, Flight One Software would like to release the following information for our customers.

Flight1’s View on FS2020

As we all know Microsoft has released a new generation of flight simulator, Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020 edition).

FS2020 has all the makings of a remarkable simulator. For those that have followed the evolution of the MSFS series, I think you will agree that the work done on FS2020 by Microsoft and Asobo Studio is amazing. Under the hood FS2020 is very much a new simulator vs. previous iterations which have been upgrades from a previous code base. In the past, development for FSX and Prepar3D allowed developers to program for both platforms concurrently. In this new case, development projects cannot be interchanged as easily. For example, a C++ based gauge may require a lot of re-programming to allow it to work in the new simulator.

What are Flight1’s intentions for FS2020 Development?

Flight1 must wait for the final FS2020 Software Development Kit (SDK) before we can undertake serious development work on the new platform. Core Flight1 products along with many of our partner developer products utilize C++ DLL files as gauges and modules in the aircraft. Advanced C++ coding has allowed for some of the most advanced simulations ever released. A lot of re-development of the products will be necessary for proper compatibility with FS2020.

What is Flight1 Doing Today?

We are doing research and following the FS2020 platform and the SDK releases closely. While it is a major topic in our development meetings, it is too early in the FS2020 release to make absolute statements regarding what products will be available for the new platform, and when. We can say that FS2020 releases are on our roadmap.

Flight1, Prepar3D, and the “Simulator Canvas”

Lockheed Martin Prepar3D versions 4 and 5 are remarkable simulators. They allow for highly advanced system and aerodynamic simulations. The Prepar3D platform is heavily structured to allow the most advanced 3rd party development possible on the PC. Prepar3D stems from 20+ years of evolution of a simulator code base that in our view really took off starting with FS98. Flight1 will continue to support the Prepar3D platform as we believe this currently offers the best level of systems replication possible in any generation of the MSFS code base.

We like to think of the “Simulator Canvas”. This is where 100’s to 1000’s of developers, from the hobbyist developer through large publishing companies, can create amazing products and mods. It is this element that allows the total experience simulator pilots are seeking. It is rare to find a genre where users spend 1000’s of hours working with software and customizing PC hardware such as video cards and flight controls. We believe this ability is critical for any simulator to engage the simulator pilot and to be successful over the long term. We are confident FS2020 will progress to offer similar accessibility for 3rd party modifications and the engagement of the simulator pilot.

In Closing

Now is the best time ever in the world of flight simulation. There are so many options available! From Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D versions 4 and 5, Laminar Research’s X-Plane, and the new FS2020. You can even have all 5 simulators on the same PC and enjoy the best of all worlds! It will take time for our industry to evolve to the FS2020 platform, and Flight1 will take it one step at a time. Please check back often for any news or product releases regarding FS2020.