DC-8 Jetliner Series 50-70

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This FSX and Prepar3D collection covers the short fuselage -50 series up to the ultra-long stretched -73 series.


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DC-8 Jetliner Series 50-70

DC-8 JETLINER SERIES 50-70 (for FSX, FSX: STEAM EDITION & P3D v1/v2/v3/v4)

The classic "short fuselage" DC-8 first flew on 30th May 1958 and covered the -10 to -50 series but in 1965 a stretched fuselage series was announced, starting with the -60 series.

This FSX and Prepar3D collection covers the short fuselage -50 series up to the ultra-long stretched -73 series and includes three distinctive cockpit variations from the classic round-dial analogue version through a part-modernised version to the modern \'glass cockpit\' variant in the later models.

This collection of the later series of DC-8 models, complete with 20 high-resolution liveries from around the globe, combines all the very latest modelling and texturing techniques with accurate flight dynamics and realistic sounds to bring you an authentic simulation of these iconic aircraft!

Every model is built over accurate factory standard plans and all feature the characteristic \'double bubble\' fuselage, nose \'nostrils\' and multi-pane cockpit glazing that make this aircraft so distinctive.

As a special bonus the unique US Navy EC-24A aircraft is included. With a myriad of \'lumps and bumps\' and antennas all over the aircraft, it\'s not hard to guess its role in electronic warfare training.

Special Features

Pratt and Whitney and CFM-56 engines on the later versions, all modelled with their own unique reverse thrust operation.

Many unique animations, including retractable landing lights, opening pressure valve gate in the tail, rams and operating levers for the spoilers and flaps and, of course, the trim-adjustable flying horizontal/elevator tail assembly.

Authentically modelled and animated landing gear with details such as springs, detailed brake lines and wheel cylinders. Earlier models than the -62 feature the distinctive swivelling rear main undercarriage bogies.

Pre-flight flags, wheel chocks, cargo loading scissor lift, air start truck and self-powered entry stairs all add to the authentic feel of this classic jetliner.

Realistic wing flex and many special effects which include the incredible smoke clouds and trails from the early DC-8 jets and reverse thrust smoke coming from the apertures in each engine when reverse thrust is applied.

The complex virtual cockpit has been built with authenticity in mind - the Engineer\'s station alone contains hundreds of realistically operating switches and dials for monitoring the engine, hydraulic, electrical and fuel systems. Just about every switch, lever and knob is operational and functional. Flight instruments can be set up just like the real thing.

A very realistic (and noisy!) sound set is included for the Pratt and Whitney JT range of engines fitted to the -50, -60 and EC-24A models with their distinctive "howling" air start and another custom set is provided for the quieter CFM engine used on the -70 series.

Variants and Liveries

Aeronaves de Mexico (XA-SID)
Air New Zealand (ZK-NZF)
United Airlines (N8065U)

DC-8-55 Jet Trader
Air Canada Cargo (C-FTJP)
Iberia (EC-BMV)
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Cargo (PH-DCZ)

DC-8-61 (The first of the \'Super 60\' series)
Japan Airlines (JA8043) (Early and later version cockpits included)
Nationair (C-GMXB) (Early and later version cockpits included)

Rich International Airways (N1805)
Swissair (HB-IDL)

Icelandair (TF-FLV)
Sterling Airways (OY-SBK)
Worldways Canada (C-FCPS)

DC-8-63 CF
ONA Overseas National Airways (N8635)
Trans International Airways (N4863T)

DC-8-73 F (The \'Super Seventies\')
DHL (DHL Airways) (N805DH)

DC-8-73 CF
Air Transport International - ATI (N604BX)
Lufthansa Cargo (D-ADUE)
United Parcel Service - UPS (N814UP)

United States Navy (163050)

Aircraft Model

Virtual Cockpit

Cockpit Features

Glass Cockpit Features (Later Models)

Flight Dynamics

Flight files have been developed by a real-world DC-8 engineer and tested by flight crew with real-world DC-8 experience. Correct fuel systems and other engine maintenance routines are included.

Aircraft Sounds

A professionally produced stereo sound set is matched to the different engine types: the Pratt and Whitney JT range of engines for the -50, and -60 with their distinctive \'howling\' air start, and another authentic set for the quieter CFM 56 turbo fans on the -70 series aircraft.

Special Effects

Special effects have been created to reproduce the incredible smoke trails the earlier DC-8 jets produced. These are, of course, far less noticeable in the CFM 56 engine versions!. Correct reverse thrust smoke has also been modelled and can be seen streaming from the apertures in each engine when reverse thrust is applied.

When using the fuel dump facility, the dumped fuel can be seen streaming out of the wing vents.

Product Manual

A comprehensive cockpit guide and flight tutorial is provided in illustrated PDF format.

Paint Kit

A professional-standard paint kit is available to download so you can create your own liveries.

Product Review

""The amount of care Just Flight put into the cockpit is unprecedented. There are so many excellent features it\'s hard to summarize them... The animations are extremely well thought out and match the actual aircraft... You are really getting three tremendously great aircraft for the price of one... It\'s hard to say but this plane is underpriced considering all the features that Just Flight gives"" Aerosoft Sim News

System Requirements / FS Version Compatibility

Flight Simulator X (SP2, Acceleration or Gold required), FSX: Steam Edition and Prepar3D v1/v2/v3/v4
2.0GHz or any Dual Core
512MB graphics card
Windows 10 / 11
5.16GB hard drive space

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