FSHud - Air Traffic Control

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FSHud - Air Traffic Control brings life-like Air Traffic Control to MSFS and Prepar3D v5 and v4.


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FSHud - Air Traffic Control

Now available for MSFS!


FSHud is a true manager of air traffic - not just a voice of an Air Traffic Controller. Manage your flight plan and  communications with ATC through an advanced, yet easy to use, simulator-integrated panel. It's all done in accordance with aviation standards and regulations, with clearances and instructions given at the correct time.

FSHud is in complete control of all the air traffic within the simulator, whether it is on the ground or in the air. The system plans and manages the flow of air traffic and handles all of the communication between the aircraft and the applicable controller. This sets the stage for a simulated lifelike flight experience, where ATC knows what each aircraft is doing (including your own) and acts accordingly - just as a controller should!

Please visit the FAQ!

A Frequently Asked Questions page is maintained at https://www.fshud.com/#/site/faq. Please visit this page for many questions and answers regarding the product.

Important for MSFS users: Please review the FAQ page so that you are aware of several current limitations to the MSFS version.

Air Traffic Control - Reimagined!

It is not as simple as what we have all been used to for so many years. The entire scope of how ATC and AI traffic works can now be looked at in a different way. All the traffic in FSHud - Air Traffic Control, including your aircraft that is part of the traffic, must make sense from an ATC point of view. In the past you could populate an airport and skies with many aircraft, and it would look great, but that does not mean they could all be sequenced and spaced according to real world standards. FSHud looks at the ATC component first. If you see an aircraft in FSHud, you know it is part of the system that also affects your aircraft.

Air Traffic Management

Air traffic is monitored during your flights through the various ATC sectors.  Our system is based on an aircraft's scheduled departure and arrival times, as well as the current situation enroute. FSHud will forecast any potential conflicts that might arise and adjusts flight parameters for the applicable air traffic.

As aircraft are maneuvered - from block-off to block-on - FSHud acts and thinks like an ATC, making sure that the correct separation is maintained between all aircraft at all times. Whether it is on the ground, within an airport control zone, or if you are enroute to your destination.  FSHud is in complete control of the traffic which is, in essence, injected back into the simulator. Each aircraft instructed by ATC within the simulator always using the correct terminology and adhering to applicable flight patterns and norms.

The air traffic management and ATC functionality in FSHud work in tandem to create a more true flight experience… An experience where the ATC knows what the air traffic is doing at all times, has already planned for what needs to happen, and can act accordingly. An experience where a received clearance is in accordance with what a pilot would expect while flying the specific aircraft in the real world, at the specific moment, and at the specific point of the flight.

ATC Communication

The FSHud panel - which can be opened, closed, and minimized during flight - houses your ongoing conversation with ATC. You have access to all prior ATC communications, as well as the ability to choose what next to communicate to ATC.

For your convenience, and for the safety of your flight, routine tasks such as position reporting and switching comm channels are automatically handled by FSHud - empowering you to focus on flying. FSHud acts as your co-pilot in the handling of the radios!

The ability to simultaneously listen to two channels, and the ability to raise and lower the volume of each of them individually is an example of the level of detail and attention put into the FSHud system.

User Interface

Advanced, yet easy to use. All-encompassing, yet easy to understand. The FSHud panel takes the complex aspects of flight management and ATC communication and visualizes them in a simple, yet comprehensive way.

The menu within FSHud adapts to the current situation - always tailored to what is needed for each part of the flight. The ongoing ATC conversation, with its applicable action items, is available on all legs of your flight. Here the aviator can see the flight's progress , quickly gaining the insights needed to make necessary adjustments for an on-time arrival.

Flight Planning

As with all flights, you'll need to submit your flight plan to ATC. In this case ATC is FSHud. It's easy, and just like a real-world ATC, FSHud will use your submitted flight plan to coordinate your route through the airspace. With intuitive controls and input options, submitting a flight plan is an easy process. But "easy" doesn't necessarily mean "basic" either.  FSHud caters to even the most advanced user, while still offering "quick start" options for those wanting to get airborne in no time. You can input only departure and arrival airports, and FSHud will create a route for you using the applicable waypoints, including SIDS, STARS, and transitions. However, the advanced user can input an entire route - waypoint by waypoint, leg to leg - and FSHud will use that custom flight plan.

Installation and Setup

A priority for our team has always been to make FSHud a user-friendly add-on. This priority permeates the entire application - including the installation process which for the most part is automatic (you will need to open an account on FSHud.com which will be connected to the application). After everything is installed, there is little you have to configure. If you want to assign key presses or joystick buttons to certain actions, that is also available in FSHud.

Real-world Navigation

FSHud can utilize your Navigraph data subscription to stay current with the latest navigation data. An outdated version of this data is included in case you do not have an active Navigraph subscription, and you will still get realistic flights. Because FSHud uses real-world navigation data, all your flights, along with the air traffic around you, is done in accordance to aviation standards.


You actually hear different voices during your flights. Eight different voices are now included, and more are planned.

IFR Flying only

The first release of FSHud - Air Traffic Control is for IFR flights only. As we grow FSHud, we plan on VFR flight capabilities.

For MSFS, Prepar3D v5 and v4

Now compatible with MSFS (Microsft Flight Simulator), and Prepar3D v5 and v4. One download covers them all! Note that some features may differ in the MSFS version due to differences in the simulator API's.

Connect with other FSHud - Air Traffic Control Users!

We have setup a public forum over at https://www.simforums.com/forums/fshud-air-traffic-control_forum59.html where you can speak with other FSHud - Air Traffic Control pilots, or of you have questions about the product. For higher level technical support, use the built-in ticket system within the application.

See the Full Gallery!

Please see https://galleries.flight1.net/?gallery=fshud-klga-kbos for more screen captures..

Current Limitation for MSFS (please be aware of this Q and A from the FAQ page):

Q. In MSFS - at times it appears AI aircraft are "jumping", or not smoothly moving forward?
A. This is due to an MSFS SDK bug that doesn't allow aircraft to follow the path presented for it - therefore, the application updates the AI Aircraft position according to estimations every second. This behavior would be fixed once the MSFS SDK bug is fixed.

System  Requirements:

Windows 10/11
PC capable of running MSFS, Prepar3D v4 or v5 adequately.
i7-4790K or better, 16GB Ram recommended.
1-2 GB of disk space (note that this will increase as more voices are added/cached)
Internet connection required! This product is server-client based and requires an Internet connection.