FSHud - Air Traffic Control

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FSHud - Air Traffic Control brings life-like Air Traffic Control to MSFS and Prepar3D v6, v5, and v4.


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FSHud - Air Traffic Control

Important News! Version 1.3 has been officially released!

Version 1.3 has officially been released, which is our largest update ever!

ATC - In a Real World

Imagine flying in airspace where your aircraft and every aircraft you see is under Ground, Tower, or Center control. This is FSHud - Air Traffic Control, where all traffic in your simulator is part of the living air traffic control experience. FSHud is ATC in its truest form.

Traffic as it Should Be

In the real world, ATC is handled by ARTCC (Air route traffic control centers), TRACON (Terminal radar approach control), (ATCT) and Air traffic control towers. FSHud incorporates all these systems in its extensive traffic engine. This means that all planes are properly separated, sequenced, and routed according to real-world standards, whether on the ground or in the air.

Version 1.3 includes features critical to an accurate ATC simulation, starting on the ground. In the real world, when aircraft are taxiing, crossing a runway, taking off, or landing, smooth operations and safety must be ensured. Version 1.3 provides our most precise ground operations so far. With FSHud - Air Traffic Control, it's actual ATC happening, not random events and aircraft placements.

During the departure and arrival phases, FSHud - Air Traffic Control oversees all frequencies. This allows the system to effectively handle communications with both ground control and tower, while simultaneously handling all necessary procedures and clearances. For example, this ensures that the plane is ready for takeoff and that the runway is clear. Properly handled aircraft during these phases are critical and allow for safe and smooth airport operations.

In the air, new traffic separation, speed assignment, and vectoring technology has been integrated. This mirrors real-world air traffic control practices which maintain safe distances between aircraft by assigning appropriate speeds and navigation vectors. This is crucial for preventing conflicts, which is an event where two or more aircraft experience a loss of minimum separation.

During the approach phase, since all communications between approach/departure control and the tower are handled by the traffic engine, we can properly factor in runway availability and weather conditions when setting you up on your arrival and eventual landing, with the proper transition to ground.

Watch our Version 1.3 Overview Video on YouTube:

Tools to Expand your ATC Horizon

There are almost too many features to list, but here are some of the most important features and tools included in FSHud - Air Traffic Control:

Having a Smooth Flight - Because FSHud - Air Traffic Control controls each AI aircraft as if it was your own, we now include our advanced "AI Tuner" that allows you to fine tune traffic to best fit your PC and environment. We believe this AI tuning system to be a real game-changer as it helps you enjoy a real ATC traffic environment with the best performance possible.

MSFS Marketplace Compatibility - FSHud - Air Traffic Control is fully compatible with MSFS Marketplace encrypted scenery.

User Interface - Our main user Dashboard now contains easy to access information that includes our User Guided, Videos, Application Checklists, and our included Support Ticket system.

The FSHud In-Flight Panel - Easy to use yet comprehensive panel can be opened, closed, and minimized during flight, with the ability to assign keyboard or joystick assignments for many hands-off actions. The FSHud panel takes the complex aspects of flight management and ATC communication and visualizes them in a simple, yet comprehensive way. The ongoing ATC conversation, with its applicable action items, is available on all legs of your flight.

Flight Planning - FSHud allows you to generate your own custom plan or utilize a SimBrief generated flight plan which can be automatically imported. With intuitive controls and input options, submitting a flight plan is an easy process. But "easy" doesn't necessarily mean "basic" either. FSHud caters to even the most advanced user, while still offering "quick start" options for those wanting to get airborne in no time, whether handled manually or via the import of a SimBrief flight.

Real-world Navigation - FSHud can utilize your Navigraph data subscription to stay current with the latest navigation. An outdated version of this data is included in case you do not have an active Navigraph subscription, and you will still get realistic flights.

Voices - You actually hear different voices during your flights. Numerous voices are included, and more are planned.

Optional Beta Channel - To experience the latest cutting-edge updates and features, you can switch to the latest beta releases (when available).

Connect and Engage - Our expanded social media reach. You can now engage with other pilots or connect to our staff:

System Requirements and Information:

For MSFS, Prepar3D v4, v5, and v6 (features may differ based on your selected simulator)
Windows 10/11
PC capable of running MSFS, Prepar3D v4 or v5 adequately.
i7-4790K or better, 32GB Ram recommended.
1-2 GB of disk space (note that this will increase as more voices are added/cached)
IFR Flying only (VFR planned for a future release)

Important: Please be aware of our refund policy before purchasing.