Cessna 182 for Prepar3D

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Important Announcement! This product is now available for FREE. See the description for more information. Only for P3D v2 and v3.


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Cessna 182 for Prepar3D

This product is now available for FREE!

IMPORTANT! All free products are NOT SUPPORTED. You are welcome to post at www.simforums.com in the user forum there.

This product is only available in the Flight1 Agent. To add this product to your Agent library, please select the Coupon/Voucher button, select Redeem Voucher Code, and enter this code:


The Flight1 T182T for Prepar3D version 2 and 3... An Exhilarating Ride

The new T182T by Flight One Software takes the quality and workmanship detail of our Cessna Citation Mustang, and packs it into one of the most beloved single-engine, tricycle gear airplanes of all time. The T182T combines speed, elegance, safety, and range in an aircraft that is easy to fly, yet have the capability to perform like most twins with a maximum operating altitude of 20,000 feet while cruising up to 176 knots. Flight One Software brings this authentic T182T simulation exclusively for Microsoft Flight Simulator X Boxed, Steam Edition, and Prepar3d v2/v3 users.

Introducing the Flight1 T182T

Starting out as a tricycle gear variant of the 180 back in 1956, the 182 has grown to be the second most popular model Cessna has produced after the 172. A personal favorite of many pilots around the world, the 182, with its timeless high wing design, is the aircraft of choice when it comes to four-passenger comfort, style, and performance over any other.

The 182 of today builds on the performance, style, and detail of its predecessor and adds the safety and security of the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit system. The T182T instrument panel includes both a large Primary Flight Display (PFD) and a Multi-Function Display (MFD), to give the modern day private pilot a multitude of features and options at their fingertips.

The great avionics package of the G1000 cockpit wouldn\'t be complete without having a great powerplant underneath the cowling also. The T182T is powered by Lycoming Turbo-charged power plant that give the aircraft a 1,039 feet-per-minute climb and allows it to ascend high over mountains, weather, terrain, other general aviation traffic while it takes advantage of more favorable winds aloft. From spinner to tail, the Flight1 T182T will give sim pilots serious function and fun to wherever they decide to fly.

What's New with Version 1.5

It is recommended that you uninstall the previous version of the software before doing a full install of the latest version.

External Features

Virtual Cockpit Features

Garmin G1000 Glass Avionics Suite Features

Avionics and Systems

Extensive Documentation

The Flight1 T182T comes complete with a highly detailed User Manual and Guide.

Flight1 T182T Support

All support is UNOFFICIAL for the Flight1 T182T since it is now free. User to user support can be found at the Flight1 T182T Forum.

System Requirements / FS Version Compatibility

Lockheed Martin\'s Prepar3D v2/v3
Compatible with Acceleration Pack and DX10.
Windows: Windows 7, 10
Processor: 2.65 Quad Core or Higher
Video Card: 512 MB
Memory: 3 GB

Important: Please be aware of our refund policy before purchasing.