Active Sky for P3Dv4 - Upgrade Version

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This upgrade requires a previous purchase of ASE, AS2012, AS Next (excluding the Steam Edition), or AS16 Cross Platform Update.

$29.99 $20.99

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Active Sky for P3Dv4 - Upgrade Version

--This Upgrade Version Is The Full Version - Updated June 28th, 2019--

Note: AS16 for P3Dv3 included also for optional P3Dv3 support.

Important, you must already have a valid license for one of these Active Sky eligible products: Active Sky Evolution (ASE), Active Sky 2012 (AS2012), Active Sky Next (ASN excluding the Steam Version), or AS16 for FSX Cross Platform Upgrade. Do not purchase the upgrade unless you have one of the listed eligable products.

Active Sky for Prepar3D v4 (ASP4) represents 17 years of weather simulation engine development!  Building on the Active Sky weather engine experience, ASP4 brings a new 64-bit ASConnect simulator interface, 64-bit XGauge, new Air Effect enhancements, new Visibility Depiction enhancements and more, all specifically designed for Prepar3D v4!

In-Cloud Motion Effects, Weather Scenarios System, Airborne Weather Radar, P3D Visibility Smoothing and Volumetric Fog Integration, Navigraph Data Integration, Map-based Custom Weather Editing System, Universal Web Companion App, Mapping System and a High-Latitude Cloud Squeeze Fix are just a few of the advanced features included in the core Active Sky platform.

ASP4 also incorporates full integration with Active Sky Cloud Art (ASCA), our graphics add-on for both FSX and P3D.  ASCA includes cloud textures, sky textures, and 3D cloud models to transform your skies, while also incorporated Real-Time Dynamic Cloud and Sky Textures!  This enables realistic weather-influenced texture variation that reloads throughout your flight without needing to shut down and restart your simulator.  You can use any graphics add-on(s) with ASP45, but dynamic texture reloads require the ASP4+ASCA combination.

If you are an AS16 for P3D user who wants to install ASP4, please download from our downloads page ( and use your AS16 for P3D key!

AS16 for P3D users receive a free copy of ASP4.  Likewise, ASP4 users receive a free copy of AS16 for P3D.  A single license key works for both independent products.  To download ASP4 or AS16 for P3D, visit our downloads page.

ASP4 is available in full or upgrade versions.  Eligible upgrade products are Active Sky Evolution (ASE), Active Sky 2012 (AS2012), Active Sky Next (ASN), and AS16 for FSX (Cross Platform Upgrade) that were purchased through our standard re-sellers (Steam/ASN:SE purchases are not eligible for upgrade).  If you have purchased a license for any of the eligible products, and have a license key for that eligible product, you qualify to purchase the upgrade version at a discount.  Please see the re-seller's product pages for further instructions and details regarding upgrades.

Active Sky Products are offered via several authorized re-sellers.  Authorized re-sellers include: FSPilotShop, FSPS Store, SimMarket, Just Flight and  Notice:  Purchasing from an unauthorized re-seller may result in modified pirate software and/or malware and will result in that product/license being deactivated and unable to be used.  Please purchase only through the authorized re-sellers.

New ASP4 Features

Incorporates all of Active Sky weather engine previous product technologies including highly-realistic global weather data integration, advanced radar and precipitation simulation, cloud position awareness and synchronized cloud-based effects, advanced air effects, microburst simulation, wake turbulence simulation, and much, much more