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The Latest Aircraft Release from DreamFleet and Flight1!

Notice: Please read our FS2004 (FS9) Limited Support Notice before purchasing this product.

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The DreamFleet Cardinal is modeled after N1384C, a 1978 177B operated by Knoxville Flyers*, a flying club based in Knoxville, Tennessee. The club currently owns three aircraft; a Cessna 152, Cessna 182, and this Cessna 177, and it is this 177 that is the club's most popular aircraft, being rented more often than any other!

Once you have flown a Cardinal, and experienced her handling, roomy interior and speed, you'll understand why these aircraft prove so popular.


The Aircraft

The aircraft model was designed by Mikko Maliniemi of Finland, one of the most talented 3D modelers in the flight simulation industry,and you can be certain that this Cardinal will be one of the most complex and detailed aircraft models ever produced. Mikko's father is also a member of a flying club, and the aircraft he flies is also a 177 Cardinal!

If you like the default Flight Simulator Cessna aircraft, then you are going to be in for quite a treat with the Cardinal! Mikko held back very little when it came to detail, and here are some of the features to expect:

Virtual Cockpit & Cabin: Nicely detailed and with working gauges, and moving throttles, control wheels, rudder pedals, throttles, flap lever, cowl flap lever, and sun visors.You can fly from the virtual cockpit, or from our complete 2D cockpit and interior (see below).

Complete Moving Parts: Ailerons, rudder, stabilator, rudder, and flaps all move. The wheels turn, and both cabin door and baggage door open and close. With the press of a key, you can even tie it down, and put the chocks and pitot tube cover in place!

Visible Interior and Passengers: This, of course, should be expected, and the interior visible from the outside of the aircraft is highly detailed, and includes Mikko (the aircraft's designer) and his father.

Fuselage and Lighting Reflections: The same as found on the default Flight Simulator aircraft, there's even reflection on the aircraft windows.

Accurate Flight Dynamics: A pretty aircraft means nothing if it does not fly well, and you'll find the flying characteristics of the DreamFleet Cardinal to be quite satisfying.

Details Galore!: Everything from tie down ropes, chocks and pitot tube cover, to detailed textures, right down to almost every rivet and inspection plate that is on the real thing.

2D Cockpit, Instrument Panels & Interior

In addition to the 3D virtual cockpit and interior, the DreamFleet Cardinal features complete 2D instrument panels and interior views, in our "trademark" high resolution, digital photo realistic graphics. Use the "VC" or use the 2D views, or switch between both. Some of the features of our 2D interior include:

Main Instrument Panel: So realistic that you could almost swear you were in the real thing. Every gauge is there, just as it is in the real Cardinal, and operate as accurately as is possible within Flight Simulator. Many gauges features a user selectable "digital readout", which tells you what the gauge is reading; great for those with small monitors, or to obtain high accuracy in setting. In addition, you can also select to place a "cover" over a gauge, so you can practice partial panel IFR. Of course the instrument panels feature near 100% accurate pilot's perspective. As with every DreamFleet panel you are seated in the pilot's seat, not in between the seats!

Landing View Panel: Essentially a reduced height version of the Main Instrument Panel, with a larger outside view for making landings easier, or for enjoying the scenery. The landing view panel features all of the primary flight and navigation instruments, and is suitable for IFR work.

Radio Stack: A choice of 3 radio stacks will be available, featuring both older and newer avionics. In addition, the Cardinal will showcase our new, custom-programmed GPS "SL320", which is a simulation of a real moving map GPS produced by a well-known manufacturer, and one that appears in the real 84 Charlie. See our version here.

Interior Views: They are all here, and you can use these in place of, or to supplement the Virtual Cockpit views. Featured are Forward Left, Left (with visible wing), Rear Left, Rear, Rear Right, Right (with visible wing), Forward Right, and Up views. As with the instrument panel all views are high quality, digital photo realistic graphics. No rendered or hand drawn artwork here!


Authentic Lycoming O-360 engine sounds are featured. You will also get all of the usual switch "clicks", gyro sounds, and fuel pump sound. An audible environment that along with the visual surroundings truly give you the feeling of "being there".


Text-o-Matic: The ever popular "T-o-M" returns to the Cardinal, from its previous appearance in our 737 and Archer. With T-o-M you can repaint your Cardinal in any scheme you would like, or download paint schemes produced by others. Then use T-o-M to create an entirely new aircraft model, that sports this new paint scheme, and aircraft complete with all the features listed above. By using T-o-M you can create an entire fleet of Cardinals!

Config-o-Matic: Joining "T-o-M" is "C-o-M". With Config-o-Matic you will be able to select certain features for your Cardinal, such as type of autopilot, or whether or not you wish to load the 2D interior views to supplement the Virtual Cockpit. You will also be able to set the various weights for your passengers and baggage, change the color of the cockpit's dome light, and the instrument back lighting, adjust the airframe hours on the tachometer, assign certain custom keyboard commands, in order to access features not provided for via default keys in Flight Simulator, and finally, choose the type of avionics you desire!

Download Information for both FS2004 and FS2002

Download the documentation below before you use this product. Documentation is located on the Dreamfleet 2000 Cardinal Downloads Page.

To download the main program, click the link below and save the file to disk, then run the application to purchase... The file size is approx. 47 MB and the installer contains the latest versions for both FS2004 and FS2002. No updates are required for this new download!

Download Site 1

Dreamfleet / Flight One Cardinal Reviews

"Dreamfleet's members Louis Betti, Elmar Calbo, Ron Friemuth, Nick Jacobs, Tom Main, Mikko Maliniemi, Aaron Swindle, and Fraser Turner have done it again! This package is in my opinion the best general-aviation aircraft add-on that Flight Simulator has ever seen. While not making any substantial leaps in technology, the Dreamfleet team has brought us an example of what can be achieved through the use of current technology. The attention to detail is absolutely amazing." - 4.5 STARS - AVSIM Online - To read the entire review, Click Here.

"Overall, 84 Charlie is a very nice package indeed. I think FlightOne have got the price right and DreamFleet have once again delivered a very attractive sim. The visual model is excellent, which reflects DreamFleet's increasing experience with Gmax and if Mikko stays with them we can confidently expect to see some really eye-catching sims from this outfit in the future. The avionics freaks are in for a treat with the GPS SL320, which seems likely to turn up in future DreamFleet releases, and if the tatty old radios please me, then they will surely turn on a raft of other simmers too. With the RG upgrade, 84 Charlie makes for another great release from FlightOne and DreamFleet." - Flightsim.Com

DreamFleet / Flight One Cardinal RG - Free Upgrade For Prior Downloads

For those who downloaded and purchased our ESD Release 1 (Before 12/13/02) of the Cardinal 177 product, we are pleased to offer a FREE upgrade; a complete Cardinal 177RG Turbo. A retractable gear, turbo charged version of the Cardinal aircraft.

Note: If you are installing this update into FS2004, you will also need the FS2004 update AFTER you install this update.

When this upgrade is installed you will have a second Cardinal aircraft to fly. One that not only has retractable gear, but also features a turbo charger, for extra performance at higher altitudes.

The Cardinal RG Upgrade features:

1. Complete Cardinal RG aircraft and textures.

2. Revised 2D and VC instrument panels, including gear lever, gear lights, Turbine Inlet Temperature gauge, and revised Manifold Pressure / Fuel Flow and Tachometer gauges.

3. Additional version of "Config-O-Matic", for configuring various options on your Cardinal RG.

4. Compatibility with Text-o-Matic, for creating additional Cardinal RG aircraft with paint schemes you create yourself, or download from others.

5. Enhancements to the existing Cardinal 177B fixed gear aircraft.

Revised manuals and performance charts, plus a new Text-o-Matic texture template for use with both the Cardinal RG and FG are available at the DreamFleet Web site here: Dreamfleet 2000 Cardinal Downloads Page


Due to the nature of this upgrade, and the fact that changes are also made to the Cardinal 177B fixed gear aircraft, installation of this upgrade will cause the loss of any additional Cardinal aircraft you may have previously created using Text-o-Matic. You will need to re-create these aircraft again.

Click Here To Download The DF Cardinal Upgrade

USD - $ 22.95

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